L E T T E R – Being What’s Right Over Concerned With Who Is Right – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R – Being What’s Right Over Concerned With Who Is Right

I had a really interesting conversation the other day with a long term meditator who had become disillusioned with spirituality, meditation and the various lineages and traditions (especially the patriarchal ones). I was saddened and also filled with strength, as I have been in a place very similar to them, and not so long ago.

I have been moving in spiritual traditions since I was 18 years old. I personally know two ‘esteemed’ meditation teachers who have physically abused their wives. I know of many spiritual teachers that have slept with their students and abused their power, or used their position to fleece students of a lot of money. I have seen more hunger for power, dogma, shaming and nastiness than ever before in industries I have worked in that were apparently cut throat, but were in fact pussy cats industries compared to what I have witnessed in the world of ‘consciousness’. Hierarchy, sexism and all kinds of nonsense in the forms of guru complexes, I have been exposed to in the pursuit of becoming my better self. Ironic isn’t it.

Initially it bewildered me, astounded me and upset me. And it was because I had a preconceived idea that some humans must be better than others. Then I eventually learnt that was a load of BS and no matter what conscious path people trod, humans are humans. And it is up to us to define our authentic path of integrity. Personally, I am a better person when I loosen the reigns on my life. When I take it a little easier on myself, own how I eat, on what I believe, when for example I have a glass of wine with my close friends. When I relax into no particular lineage and instead explore many and enjoy them all. This is heavily judged by some old teachers of mine who tread paths they call ‘pure’. And each to their own. Because the truth of it is that when we get too involved on what is ‘right’ and what everyone else is doing ‘wrong’ we lose ourselves the process. 

Sometimes it’s from a rock bottom moment when we get to get really clear on what it is that is important to us, and from this place can define consciousness and spirituality on our own terms, and this is where we gather our strength, and our humility. 

Sent with love,

Jac x