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L E T T E R – Burn Bright vs Burn Out

One of the examples I use when teaching in workplaces is this:

Last day of work before a holiday; everyone is pissing you off, the list is endless, the demands unreasonable, and every cell in your body is exhausted screaming ‘just get on the plane!!’ as you desperately need your vacation, and like, now. There is no clarity at all, and you spin out of control with overwhelm. Even casual sideways glances from co-workers is taken the wrong way, and every task takes 6x longer than it should.

First day of work, back from your beautiful relaxing holiday; you walk around like a Zen monk under your breath saying “pffft whaaat is everyone so strung out about, wow, I really am a new person, I refuse to get stressed from NOW. I will be calm and clear and a beacon of joy in this sea of stress”.  You are productive, creative and dynamic. Go you!!

Day three back at work; hand-wringing, hands hold head up at the desk like a bowling ball, red-rimmed eyes, bulging inboxes, to do lists that make your nauseous. You ask ‘why did I return, I wish I was back in (insert holiday destination) and my God I need a freaking holiday!’

I get everyone to hold up their hands who has had that narrative. It’s usually 100% of the group, laughing while they put their hands up.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut when we are burnt out and freak out. It’s much easier to be our best selves, when we are most of the way there already. If you’re sick of this narrative (given you might only get 2-4 weeks vacay a year), you need clarity, all year, not just after a break. Learn more about how to Enhance your Clarity here. Education, tools to understand ourselves better, clearing the brain of emotional grit and tension, meditation and ongoing refinement is how we go about it.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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