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L E T T E R – Celebrating 200 Letters!!!

There are days when I sit to write these Letters to you and I feel physically ill. I am overcome with shame, who do I think I am sharing a bunch of thoughts, ideas, and philosophies with people? I think of all the fakers and the nonsense filling the world at the moment and I am gripped with anxiety that I am simply contributing to it. Imposter syndrome at it’s best, utterly swamped by my ego.

So I do what I always do when gripped by my ego and I come back to my values, my initial intention, and my heart. And I ask if what I am doing is aligned with that. And if it is, I continue with that work. And the Letters for me are hugely aligned with what I hope to create in the world, which is more creativity, consciousness and also have people live with more clarity (which in turn expands consciousness and creativity and on the sequence goes).

I have this unfailing belief that every human is good at their core, radiant with love and light and together we all need a hand in remembering that and staying aligned to it when we fall off balance. When we are gripped by our ego and our shame. And I know this deeply at my core as I fall flat on my face with this all the time, that sometimes it’s just a little paragraph, a sentence, something that jolts us out of a state, and back into wonder and curiosity. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that which we already know. So these Letters are as much for me personally as they are for you.

And today marks the 200th Letter in a row that I committed to at the beginning of this year, writing every Monday through Friday.

Thanks for being such a huge part of it.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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