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L E T T E R – Choices

When we were in Los Angeles we went to a small, lesser-known private art gallery, and the gentleman working there enhanced our experience ten fold, by enthusiastically showing us through the show, describing the artists, their concepts, history, and purpose. I thoroughly enjoyed it and he seriously indulged my every question. We clearly had no intention of purchasing anything, yet he went so far above and beyond.   

Then in New York, we went to a very famous private art gallery. The show I found confusing and I went to the desk and very politely asked the guy working there if he could talk me through the show. He grimly looked at me, and sighed and without making eye contact handed me a piece of paper and said ‘here’s the press release’. I spent the next 10 minutes walking through the show, seething, going over and over all the things I could go and say to him about his entitled approach, his rudeness, his apathy.   

And it was a giant waste of 10 minutes and I completely ruined my experience of the art, which I can now barely remember.   

The irony is, I teach people about the ego, yet I fell smack back into the trap of the ego regardless. Because it’s powerful and grips us quickly and we can spiral down that slope of lower self pretty quick.  

That guy didn’t ‘make’ me angry, I chose to hang onto anger. It was an important reminder that I wanted to share; that the only thing we can control, is our responses and reactions.   

Sent with love,

Jac x  

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