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L E T T E R – Choosing Your Path

Well, this week’s letter’s have certainly taken on a slightly serious tone! I didn’t mean them to, but they do sound rather determined. I think it’s due to our current projects and what we are sharing with you soon! It takes a level of determination, fire, and fierceness that needs to be blended with creativity, heart, and purpose to create what we have with The Broad Place and then refine that continually. Sometimes it’s exhausting, sometimes we can barely sleep for excitement and a vibration that ripples through our home and studio. 

Arran and I formed The Broad Place as a platform for people to learn about being a better human being. Spirituality and self-development did just the way we were looking for and couldn’t find. With an earnest, but not too serious tone, in-depth education, with no fluff, no faff, and no ego. Why we asked, was this so hard to come by? 

So we built it. From the foundations up. We have had to knock down so many virtual walls and rebuild bits and add extra floors and work continuously on the shell. But holistically, it’s a culmination of all our choices and all our learnings. 

When people say things like, ‘oh it must be amazing traveling all over the world teaching people and just meditating all day’, I try not to burst into laughter. I forget this is all people see sometimes. For those close to Arran and I, they know the work that goes into it. They know deeply and truly the sacrifices and the fear and the ongoing challenges. We have recently transitioned from our fifth year to our sixth, and the refinement and growth continues. 

So I wanted, I suppose this week to be for anyone who’s trying to make stuff happen. To fully embrace that it’s not all cheesecakes and unicorns. That there will be tough times. That there will be doubt and terror. And that this is the exact material that we take, we alchemise, and we continue to build with.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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