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L E T T E R – CLARITY Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

Clarity, having it, bringing it forward in every moment and communicating it is like drinking a big cool glass of water. Clarity is what flows under our incessant confusing thought. The deeper natural intelligence we all have is only blocked by our getting caught in our thinking, which feels real to us, but is not. So discerning, is this ‘higher thought’ as in helpful, precise and clear, or ‘nonsense thought’ which is just confusing and creating friction – is so important, and brings with it clarity. I find my body always responds to thought and gives me a good indication; if I feel tight and tired, it’s nonsense thought, the kind that will sweep me away if I pay attention to it. If I feel expanded, energised and happy, it’s higher thought. Mostly, what’s banging around in there for me in my mind is nonsense thought, so I give it very little time! It only becomes real if we believe it.

How this all affects our clarity as you can see is huge. If we buy into our nonsense thought, it blocks our behaviour and our mindsets from truth and expansion.

So this week to Journal:

  • Are there any patterns I see in regards to my thinking?
  • Where in my life am I locked in nonsense thought, and what would just ignoring that stream of thought feel like?
  • How am I communicating with clarity, and where could I be clearer still?
  • Is there anywhere I am personally unclear in my life, and therefore hiding behind mixed signals?

I recommend taking our Values class, it’s super quick and will give you some anchor points, see it HERE (it’s free!). And if you really wish to enhance your Clarity, our ENHANCE Program has a whole module dedicated to this, and you also receive the Enhance Creativity and Consciousness modules too, and no surprises, they also enhance clarity, as they’re all linked.

Written with love,

Jac x

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