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L E T T E R – Clean, Simple, Distilled Thinking

I used to have a terrible aversion to saying no to people. I had, (and still do) a big fear of disappointing others, and this used to drive me to say yes to things I knew deep down should have been a no. And this created complexity. Too many things on my plate, too much muddying of waters that should have flowed fresh, too many thoughts, too many options. I learnt the long way to learn to say no. That ultimately saying yes when you shouldn’t results in – guess what! – disappointing people.

Simplicity is when we get really honest and come clean with ourselves on what is working for us and what is not. Arran and I are obsessed with creating simplicity in areas of our lives. If something proves to not be working, we literally cull it. We get out a virtual axe and take apart areas of our life frequently. Carving up businesses, opportunities, how we live and how we exist. I rarely care how much time has gone into it, how much money invested, or how much I ‘love it’. If it’s not aligned with where we are at, and it’s become very un-simple, it’s got to go.

How we do this is we break down every area that is creating unease or discomfort for us. We look at the why’s, and we look at the direction we are headed, the external influences and most importantly we look into our hearts. EVERY single time we have made decisions not based on our hearts, things get very complicated. We are always cleansing our thinking as it forms so much of our reality asking is it true, is it us? Can we rinse it, does it need soaking in something else?

You can work with simplicity on any level. You can ask your heart if it’s right. You can cleanse your thinking. If you do all three simultaneously you’ll really experience more flow in your life and far more abundance!

Sent with love,

Jac x

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