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L E T T E R – Collaborate For Clarity

Sometimes one of the challenges of being self-employed is that you are always working to a degree. Even if you’re ‘off’ for a little while, that still involves checking emails and monitoring staff and dealing with emergencies that might come up. I’m always fascinated when people get to take 4 weeks off work, no emails, no checking in for their annual holiday! But the upside is the fluidity. And this past week was a reminder of the gift of self-employment (which we need because honestly there are also so many crap bits you need the good moments to keep you sane!). Our plans completely changed as we were gifted tickets to Splendour In the Grass a three-day music festival, 10 days away from when we were supposed to be returning the van to Sydney. A few dozen phone calls and emails, and returning the van to Brisbane, we were able to stay in Byron Bay and Arran flew up to meet us. I wanted to raise this as I’ve noticed it very challenging when things dramatically change or a really great opportunity presents, to know when to recognise it as the fun it might be, or a distraction from what we are meant to be doing. 

The ‘is this meant to be happening’ anguish or ‘am I trying to smack a square peg into a round hole’ challenges happen in life all the time. When do we strive or push a little harder and when do we back off and realise it wasn’t meant to be? 

Last week being the perfect example of extending this trip with so many balls in the air and my daughter in the mix. 

In order to create more harmony and also more importantly fun, we want to really try keep our wanting, or our opinions about how it should go out of it and throw it over to the universe. Which is challenging with spontaneity in the mix as we can get attached very quickly.  Our job is to be diligent and help the process as much as we can and see EVERY bit of synchronicity and recognise it for what it is. We can ask the universe for help, for signs and try not to get too determined in one direction happening (as I have the tendency to do!), and instead, see where the whole thing takes us. Life can at times becomes a little bit like the game Tetris with all the little pieces eventually being flipped about until they all fit together, and then success!!! Or sometimes there are just too many signs this wasn’t meant to be, there’s no grace, just grind. We don’t want to ignore this stuff.

I get that this sounds kinda airy fairy for some, but for me, it’s the only way. There’s no chance our intellect is going to work out ‘the best possible solution’ when coloured with opinions about everything. And there’s always a natural flow to our lives that we can slip into and work with, and then use our intellect only to help with the organising parts. This isn’t about not trying, or being lazy, I want to be clear. We want to collaborate with the universe, and we have to deeply get involved. This approach though helps immensely in reducing the amount we turn around and go ‘wow, I really should have that go, it wasn’t meant to be’ or ‘all the signs were there why did I ignore them!’.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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