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L E T T E R – Commitment

Have you ever found your self ‘sitting by the door’ in life, always having one eye on your nearest exit? I’m a big culprit of this, and a few years ago it drove me crazy. Constantly moving from one thing to the next, always having one foot in and one foot out. I felt it gave me a one ­up, a safety net, knowing my exact escape route that could be activated at any time, in any situation. What I now realise is that this wasn’t me being clever and prepared, this was the ego trying to keep me small, not willing to strengthen the muscle of commitment.

The thing is, we don’t lack commitment because we are lazy, impartial to our well being or don’t have the answers, most of us struggle with long term commitment because we live in a wonderful world with a myriad of options. All of them enticing, charming and full of possibility. But sometimes all of these alternatives cause confusion and a lack of movement in any direction, just a overwhelmed stagnancy.

In relationships, we can wonder if there is a better relationship we could be in. In our homes, is there somewhere else I should be? Even down to the tiny things like, should I get the smashed avo or the french toast? In a world of so much choice we have the option to either overload and completely overwhelm out nervous systems or to realign, recenter and move forward. This is especially true for anyone in search of their personal optimum. There are so many therapies, healers, technique, health foods that we can choose from, its a very overwhelming world to step into.

In the end, we can really simplify life by practicing commitment to ourselves, deciding that you will wholeheartedly commit to you, alone, is a very powerful statement. Eventually you will find you’re not so concerned with your nearest exit and escape route but rather you find a sense of peace knowing that you are playing the game of self-exploration. Life is an experiment, have fun with it and trust in you. And if need be, you’ll realise when you need to, at just the right time, the exit is just in front of you anyway. Lets stay with ourselves, no matter what.

With love,


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