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L E T T E R – Committing To The Important

Years back I had to really ask myself why were the unimportant things and people in my life getting so much attention and the things and people that lit me up like a bonfire getting second place (or later polling). Really, it didn’t make much sense, yet it seemed that which was more punishing was louder and I just kept on without questioning.

Today, I am far more careful with myself.

These days, I feel that life should be, as much as possible about being so engaged and present that you don’t notice time passing. This is what I feel Shunryu means in this quote. To be so in the moment, so of the task, so charged from the inside, that there is no trace afterwards. Now when I am writing or being with my family or teaching, it’s like time swells around me. When I am sorting receipts or standing in line at the supermarket or dealing with a company I dislike on the phone, time has a completely different feel, usually a contracted sensation. What if it didn’t?

This is something I am currently attempting to undertake each day. The full application of myself without branding it good or bad, unreal or annoying, and seeing what life looks like from this place.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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