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L E T T E R – Conditions on Behaviours

Being only a few short days to Christmas, I thought this quote was utterly perfect, as soon most of us will be on a holiday of some sort, that usually involves family or friends that surprise, surprise, we can’t control.

We’ve all been there, the Big Promises…

“I vow to be patient and not let my grandmother and her small-minded ways get under her skin as she drills me about being single’.
“I’m under no circumstances drinking too much and having a fight with my sister again this year”.
“I’m going to show everyone how calm I am, and not get strung out at all the kids and their noise and nonsense”.
“This year’s end will be one filled with gratitude, and I will not overeat, overdrink and feel ill, and I will wake NYD feeling on top of the world (even though to date I have never managed this)”.

We have all made the mistake of making sweeping statements with no plans in place. We have all been impatient and unforgiving of those around us thwarting our promises and our plans, that we never said aloud. I’ve had times when I have had to chant loudly inside my head, ‘the only thing I can control is myself’ which although technically true has also not prevented an uncontrollable filthy mood gripping me deeply, leaving me feeling out of control of even myself.

So I want to suggest something else. Simplicity. Each time you make sweeping promises and statements and little bargains with the universe, stop. Our minds are wired to get us worked up over nothing. Our egos thrive on us feeling like crap, so constantly curate little sequences so we feel at our worst.

Simplicity is acknowledging that this is happening at all times, and turning down the volume and just getting present. Out of our minds and thoughts, and into exactly what is happening then and there. Tuning out of all the judgements and feeling into our seat or how we are standing. Sensing the heat in our bodies as we have an internal rage, and instead listening all around us, to what we can hear. Allowing the tangle of thoughts to set aside and really looking at everything around us, every detail, every part of the room or space.

Getting present is a wonderful handbrake to frustration, resentment and bitterness.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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