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L E T T E R – Conscious Experiences

It’s hard to believe at times, that nothing happens to anybody which he is not fit by nature to bear, isn’t it? But it’s true because we are still here aren’t we. And through meditation, we are able to expand our consciousness so that this becomes not just a statement but something we can embody.

I’ve had so many teachers in my time paraphrase this wonderful statement that ‘shadow is simply where the light hasn’t yet shined”. In dark and shadowy times, it’s important to remember this. Because the wonderful thing about sequences is that after a dark and contracted time, a storm in our lives, the sun returns, the warmth can be felt, and light can be seen again and felt again.

The light is always there, just sometimes its obstructed by fear, anger, resentment, and contraction. I’ve been reminded of this deeply these past few months, for myself and for so many of our students who have been going through challenging times. The beauty of these situations gently lifting, and the lust for life, the gratitude, the richness of life that comes afterward is so utterly wonderful, it allows us to not resent the challenges. We become a force to be reckoned with once realigned with the truth of ourselves.

If we can see the gifts within the situation, or at least understand that they will present themselves soon, then patience can be ours. It might not be pleasant walking through the sequence but it’s always worth it as we begin to fully realise that every situation is custom made just for us, so we can learn and enjoy the gifts.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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