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L E T T E R – CREATOR Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

This week, lets set our acknowledging and exploring that we, solely, create our experience of the world.

The world is an inside out phenomenon. Everything that we experience is through the lens of our consciousness. If we feel expanded, as does our world. If we feel contracted, as does our world.

Consider how you are creating the world around you?
With what beliefs?
With what ideals?
With what preconceived ideas?
What could shift?
What could you let go of?
As the editor of your own world, what are you inviting in?
What are you insisting on?

This is a little something new I wanted to try with you, where we collectively set an intention and discovered what it means to us. Meditation is a path to self-discovery, and with Integrated Meditation, we aim to combine a daily meditation practice with education and inspiration to be our highest grade selves. I hope these Intentions serves as moments to gather yourself. I suggest every week journaling your findings and allowing yourself to saturate in the moments where your intentions were fully realised, and also to gently learn from the moments you lost the path.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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