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L E T T E R – Dark Nights Of The Soul

This is that tricky time of year I find when we bound in with full enthusiasm, transformed by new possibility and then sometimes fall in a heap of despair. I have had lots of students reaching out with quandaries, doubts and troubled minds and expectations that this doubt or sadness or fear shouldn’t be happening.

I absolutely love this quote above by David Whyte. Because we all want ‘soul life’ don’t we? I know I want a richly, deeply connected soul life. And if self-doubt, dark nights of the soul and midnight silent inner meltdowns are part of it, then I am willing to pay that tax.

I have lots of ‘what the fuck am I doing’ moments, even amongst the thirsty love for what I do, the enchanting satisfaction and the rewards of making a tiny difference. Even amongst the brimming confidence I have, and the creative output. I still have meltdowns where I shame spiral and have cringey oh God why did I write that/say that/do that. I’ve accepted now its part of the packet of living a life on the edge, that’s creative and engaged. And it’s worth it on every level.

So reframe your doubts and fears as you being a connected person that wants to create, and know it’s part of the ride.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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