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L E T T E R – Dealing With The Criticism of Others

There is feedback, and there is criticism. There is moaning, and then there are witch hunts. I posted last week on Instagram about having heard of late too many stories of online bullying, from people genuinely intending to create expansive work for others. Creative work, artistic, heartfelt, genuine work. That was being slayed by the haters. The thing with trolls is that they are protected by a digital veil. They are keyboard bandits who I would love to meet face to face in a quiet room and see what’s really going on for them. 

I have a little barometer which is ‘would I say this in front of that person with their child standing next to them’. And if the answer is no, don’t type it. 

The thing with energy and action is that it all has a karmic tie. It takes bravery to take the direction of that criticism and point it inward, and work out what’s happening to us that we are so insecure, worried or fragile that we need to be critical. When we are pushing all our attention and energy into being negative and hating someone (we usually have never even met) then that life force is being sucked out and leaves us depleted. When we take that powerful energy, that prana, and use it as a light on our own stuff, then we can begin to do the more transformational work that leaves us invigorated. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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