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L E T T E R – Defining Success

I loved reading the bravery, anguish, creative processes and determination of Bill Strickland in his autobiographical book Making The Impossible Possible. He truly redefines what success could mean, and continues to go after it with innovation and resilience. 

Our own version of success is something we need to question, define and ponder, as all too often we get caught in paradigms of other people’s version of what success means. It becomes a mish-mash of the beliefs of teachers we have had, our parents, people we admire and friends and colleagues. Taking a pause to work out if we are living in alignment with our own values, and defining success for ourselves, is I think such important work.  

If you’re in need of inspiration, watch this here.

Also, I’m chewing on the idea of hosting another Creativity, Clarity and Consciousness Workshop where we worked on this key topic amongst others, as the ones we held in Sydney and Melbourne early in the year were so well received. This would be a partial Part 2 to the first one, and fine for beginners also. If you’re interested in joining me online or in person for such a workshop, please reply and let me know so I can formulate our next Workshop and how to best make it accessible to you!

Sent with love,

Jac x 

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