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L E T T E R – Dissolving That Which Divides Us

Long lasting change doesn’t come in a silver bullet, a bandaid or a quick fix. I was interviewed by our inspiring student and friend Melissa last week for her podcast (stay tuned for details on how you can listen to this soon), and we discussed how everyone wants a quick fix. The current mindset seems to be I drank one smoothie, why aren’t I 5 kilos lighter? I had a single goji berry, why aren’t I radiant? I did a single meditation on an app, why the hell aren’t I enlightened?

A daily practice of Vedic Meditation means we dive into the true essence of ourselves, our souls, a higher consciousness, whatever the heck you want to call it, it’s beyond the mind that creates all the problems we experience. And a tiny dive into that, every day, twice a day, means we begin to reset the paradigm through which we live. The love we seek we slowly realise is within us. The world in which we operate is a projection of our own state of minds. Angry minds experience an angry world. Loving minds experience a loving world. And then over time, the barriers which we created to protect ourselves from that which we can’t define, begin to dissolve. Not in a weird losing of boundaries and our sense of self, but in a graceful, bringing our true selves to our days kind of way. 

It doesn’t happen overnight. That’s part of the delight, so we can be witness to it, play a part in it, and that it lasts. 

Let’s stop looking for quick fixes, and start looking for sustainable solutions, not just for our food industries, our fashion industries, ALL our industries that are depleting the planet, but for our own selves, for our minds, for our hearts. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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