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L E T T E R – ENERGY Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

Energy is a huge focus for me always, through my meditation, yoga, karate, and qi-gong training as well as understanding energy states throughout the day, and distributing my energy as best I can for maximum enjoyment but also productivity. Energy is also a huge part of The High Vibe Challenge that is coming up, so it’s front of mind for us at The Broad Place! So I am aligning this week’s Intention Setting to ENERGY.

Some things to consider throughout the week:

  • What does your body energy, mental energy, and spiritual energy look and feel like to you?
  • Do you harness this energy? Or are you leaking it out, or is it being leached out of you?
  • When are your daily low energy times and high energy times?
  • Are you ensuring you match your high energy and focus tasks to your high energy times?
  • In your low energy times, can you do more to rest and nurture yourself rather than push through and further burn out?
  • What does it feel like when you are at a high energy? Are you racing and buzzing or grounded and clear?
  • Are you overstimulating yourself with caffeine and sugar in order to achieve a fake high? What does the crash look like?
  • What are you doing that you know lowers and drains your energy that you can address?
  • If you got a solid 8 hours of sleep this week 4/7 nights how much more energy could you bring to your days? (Parents of babies that don’t sleep, do ignore this and don’t torture yourself with the vision!)

May the high vibes be with you!

Jac x

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