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L E T T E R – Everyone Is Creative 

I get upset when I hear people say ‘oh I am not creative’ or exclaim ‘so and so doesn’t have a creative bone in their body!”. Because I truly believe everyone has the capacity to be creative. Anytime we think laterally and think of a new pathway to achieving something that is outside that way we normally operate, we are using creativity. Some people have simply trusted that process more than others. 

I know real estate agents that say they are not creative yet find the most innovative ways to market themselves and uplevel their position within highly competitive areas. I know financial traders that ‘aren’t creative’ apparently if you ask them, yet give them a high pressured environment and 100 problems happening immediately and they will find the fastest way to navigate out of them with dynamic and fascinating approaches. I know stay at home parents that will claim to be uncreative, yet juggle three kids in three different schools, with three fussy eating habits and somehow keep the whole thing afloat with their insanely creative approaches to the daily situation of parenting. 

When it’s ‘our stuff’ it seems really obvious. When someone else is doing something we don’t know much about, we apply some glitter and call it creativity. I have not had a single person I have been unable to find a creative streak in when questioning them one on one. Today is the day to own the area of your life you are damn creative, and then with confidence apply that same philosophy everywhere. 

Sent with love,

Jac x

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