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L E T T E R – Expanding Curiosity

I couldn’t agree more that curiosity in all aspects of life is needed for creativity and flow. Arran told me about a friend of ours that shared a story with him and his four-year-old son. He was teaching him all about the moon and how it’s a quarter then full and so on, and they would look at it and observe this at night together. One night his son said, ‘but what does the moon eat?’. And he tried to explain that the moon doesn’t eat anything, it’s a planet like Earth. And his son asked, ‘but then how does it get full?’.

Which aside from being utterly adorable reminded me of the beauty of not knowing and being curious enough to ask a question that it gets at first be a little crazy. The best thing about kids is that they haven’t been humiliated enough yet to build up ego’s that stop them from asking. They want to know everything.

So this week keep asking everything, from everyone, especially when you think it sounds stupid because they are always the best kind of questions. Take it from me as I hear that sentence too often before absolutely fantastic questions.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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