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L E T T E R – Expanding Our Consciousness

Consciousness is defined in so many different ways, sometimes as a state of awareness, or the quality of that awareness. Sometimes as a life force that flows through everything, as ki or qi energy, or prana, meaning life force and consciousness is the stream of that. Being more conscious means being open to all the good stuff being a human has to offer, the love, kindness, compassion, gratitude, creativity, wonder, and awe of being a part of the universe. And being more conscious, as it has an expansive quality to it, also means we can take in all the other experiences, like anger, frustration, boredom, envy, and resentment, and be gentle with ourselves and others.

Within our Program ENHANCE, we have a whole module dedicated to understanding and expanding individual consciousness as well as removing that which blocks it. I wanted to share with you one of the many tools within this module. I love the Consciousness module as it’s a little more esoteric than say Clarity, and is very different from Creativity! Intentions are powerful tools for the brain to seek out these truths and also for our souls to sing.

‘Karuna’ is a term in Buddhism, also translated from Sanskrit meaning compassion. It is the acknowledgment that there is suffering all around us, in every being, and we are filled with love and compassion for all that suffers, including ourselves. This acknowledgment raises us above the despair of our suffering, for suffering is a normal part of all life. It is part of our growth and education from the universe. We acknowledge that we are evolving on a deeper level because of our suffering and our ability to work through it. The fact that every human experiences suffering inspires us to feel compassion on a much deeper level. We can never truly know the suffering anyone else experiences, and so we release all judgment of their experience and are reminded that we too, like every human, have suffered. In turn, this inspires more Champa within us, as the separation begins to dissolve. You can employ this beautiful mantra daily.

Read and Repeat each morning, or as many times throughout the day as you like;

“I release myself from the binds of suffering and attachment. I will today move through the world with grace and kindness and acknowledge the suffering and attachment every human 
experiences. I embody compassion for all sentient and non-sentient beings”

Many are working with ENHANCE single day for 10-15 minutes, and some are diving deeper in their weekends. And that’s the beautiful thing about Enhance, you work at your own pace. Read more about ENHANCE here.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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