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L E T T E R from Emily – Genius

Richard Rudd, author and founder of The Gene Keys – a look into the human archetypes and codes to unlock your unique potential, says that true genius is the ability to live you own life to its highest potential. A re-framing of how and what we consider to be genius could shift the way we look at our personal attributes and help us to live a life free from fear of failure. You don’t need super human scientific understanding to be a genius in your world, instead, it could be living your life without holding anything back.

I’ve recently began study of R. Rudd’s philosophy and am finding it so empowering, it’s like a guide to getting to know your fears, owning them, seeing them and moving through them, moving closer to your expression of genius and sharing that with the world around you.

This is our highest purpose, to be radiant, to express ourselves and to move through fear, for no other reason than being alive.

With love,

Emily x

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