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L E T T E R from Emily – Imagination

My personal world view and beliefs are constantly evolving, I reserve the right to change my mind and develop deeper understandings and knowledge, limited to the lens I see it through. I feel that it is only natural to expect that our ideas about the world will forever shift and change. We become stuck and stagnant when we limit ourselves to one way of seeing things or when we accept certain things as truths.

We have so many tools at our fingertips to be constantly discovering more. Like our imagination, which we now know through modern physics, has a direct involvement in the manifestation of our reality. It has been said that anything you can imagine is a potential reality. You might think that is a ridiculous notion considering some of the wild things that run through the conscious mind, but when you look around and through history, some truly remarkable (sometimes totally bizarre) things have come from imagination.

There is a direct relationship needed between imagination and trust. These two factors are the crux of manifestation, if we can learnt to trust ourselves and direct our imagination positively, then we become limitless. When some blissful daydream sweeps over your mind, trust that it has information in it. These imaginings share important knowledge with you and direct things into your reality. Meditate to get clear, then use the powerful tools that are inherently yours.

With love,

Emily x

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