L E T T E R from Emily – Play On – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Emily – Play On

“The oak sleeps in the acorn
The giant sequoia tree sleeps in its tiny seed
The bird waits in the egg
God waits for his unfoldment in man
Fly on, children
Play on” 
– Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts, Funkadelic

The world is waiting to open up to us, like an old friend who’s so desperately waiting to show you what they’ve been creating since you last spoke.

Within every aspect of life is an energy, a seed of potential, ready to burst into its fullest form. I recently spent some time in The Snowy Mountains of Australia, just sitting, watching, waiting to see what nature wanted to show me or listen to what it wanted to tell me. At first, this isn’t as romantic as it sounds. It took me a good four days to settle down, to accept and surrender to the slower pace and stop ‘trying’ to relax. In those four days it was painful, a minefield, I had to draw on all the tools I have and dig deep to move through this grit.

Then suddenly, on about the fourth or fifth day I sat in the same spot I’d been sitting each day, I looked up from the same seat I’d been sitting in and there it was. A huge Mother Gum, it had been there all along, but this time I broke into tears. I saw it for the first time. Before that it had simply been a convenient post for my tarp which protected me from the sun, it had been the host for the rope that allowed me to dry my clothes from long days exploring the river. I had appreciated her for all these functions but I hadn’t yet stopped to say ‘Hi’ to thank her for simply being there. To put my hand on her and return the love it had so selflessly been giving me the whole time. When I did this, I sat for hours watching the birds play and feed from its branches, the lizards climbing to safety and the green eucalyptus leaves sway, all of this just so the universe can say “Hey!” right back at you.

The idea of communicating with nature is something I’ve always felt drawn to but I’ve been over complicating it and then the mind steps in and says ‘What are you doing!? Who do you think you are!?” and for too long that has gotten in my way. But it truly is the simplest of things. Just introduce yourself, send your love and watch it unfold.

With love,


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