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L E T T E R from Emily – Presence

Why do we find it so hard to stay in the present? More and more so we are hearing all about the benefits of present moment awareness, mindfulness and all the tools and techniques that can get us to this place of NOW. Yet despite all of these, many of us still find ourselves projecting into the unknown future or lamenting on the events of the past.

We worry about our relationships, careers, and finances. Like a time warp, we loop in and out of presence and distraction. And if cultivating more present moment awareness is something that you’re interested in you may have even tried to banish, squash and kick the worries and projections out of your mind. I’ve spent my time totally frustrated, nearing insanity trying to work out this minefield! Something that really shifted it into place was acceptance.

Acceptance that the mind will do its thing, what it does best, which is analyse, make judgement and look forward and backward to make sense of things. This is natural, and to think that this should not be happening to be in the present is a myth. Too often I hear people say “I’d like to be more present but I can’t stop my thoughts”. The awareness and acceptance that you’re having thoughts (knowing your thoughts are not a true indication of your self) is present moment awareness. Once we get comfortable with this we can allow much more presence into our lives.

With love,

Emily x

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