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L E T T E R from Emily – Someone Like You

We are living in a very interesting time, on one hand, we are seeing the rise of ethical and morally responsible voices all over the world, individuals and business that stand up for a positive and abundant future. On the other hand, we see “world leaders” and governing bodies sending messages of fear, with a constant threat of doom looming over our heads.

If you’re ever struck with unexplainable worry, anxiety or overwhelm, rest easy knowing that it truly is a tricky and interesting time to be alive, with so much information streaming into us every day. It’s no wonder we have these less desirable feelings pop up in between the desirable ones and no, it’s nothing you are doing wrong, it is simply the by-product of our current times. So knowing this, we take care of ourselves more than ever before. We transcend daily in meditation to filter and burn through the stress and to connect with a deeper source. We curate the data coming at us through a lens of only that which uplifts us, and when we see the doom and gloom we observe it with greater awareness and act accordingly. I also ask everyone to never underestimate the impact you are having to those around you everyday, and how very important this is! You are not small, you are not powerless, it takes you to care about yourself (firstly) and then those around you for a chain reaction to take place. So when those less desirable feelings come up, know that they are only there because you care and be gentle with yourself and excited for the opportunity to move gracefully through them.

With love,

Emily x

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