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L E T T E R from Emily – Stay Curious

To be curious is a practice, one so worthwhile pursuing as it abolishes fear, judgement and will provide you with feedback instantly. It will dissolve anxiety and worry, and replace them with clarity and wonder. This truly is a practice as we constantly need to remind ourselves to stay curious, especially in the face of unpleasant emotions, behaviours, and events. As we practice curiosity in a variety of scenarios we are actively strengthening our sensitivity. Often we ignore or forget to feel into ourselves and the world around us. When something “good” is happening, we only enjoy it to a certain extent because of fear that it will end. When we experience something “bad”, we only confront it to an extent because of fear that it will hurt too much. But what if we had the courage to feel, touch, hear, embody and talk with any sensation and be the investigator that finds the truth of what is really going on.

When we do this, we will always shed new light on an experience or sensation. The simple act of pausing to really experience something is enough for you to see connections you didn’t before. All you need to do is pause and ask the question “what if there was more to see here” and stay open to the answer, it’ll come quickly. Maybe you realise with renewed clarity, the factors contributing to the “bad” situation and become empowered to change what you need to or you may become so uplifted with joy as you dive deeper in the experience of the “good” times. Just to play with this idea is a good time.

With love,

Emily x

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