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L E T T E R from Emily – The Work

Dust settles, I don’t” – Anita Kopacz

I was listening to a podcast (Ancient Wisdom Today) a few days ago, it was fun, light-hearted and all about living a “F**k Yes” life! It made me realise how many ‘F**K NO’ moments I’ve let slide, out of fear of hurting someone, being disliked or not wanting to be ‘that guy’ who causes a scene. But what really hit home was the realisation of how many of these moments slide by in the privacy of my own mind. Not being truly honest with myself, not nurturing my mind, body and spirit the way it deserves to be. So I’m committing myself to a week of “F**K YES!”. I’m usually one to make grand statements like, “I will now live my life with a F**k Yes attitude” but I know now to go easy on myself with the exploration of living life to its fullest, so I’m going to set this intention for just the week ahead.

So, I’ll be doing this by…

  • Meditating twice every day as I know this is my winning tool to gain deeper insight into the choices I make and my internal dialogue that either uplifts me or blocks me.

  • I will check in with myself regularly, am I in a state of fear or love, to strengthen an honest relationship with myself.

  • I will journal everyday to get super clear on what a F**k Yes life looks like for me.

  • Most Importantly, I’m going to sit as gently as I can, in the discomfort of doing any kind of personal exploration!

With love,

Emily x

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