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L E T T E R from Emily – Wealth of Nature

Immersing in nature is something I found a deep love for a few years back, with the help of some good friends who had lots of knowledge to share, and an eager spirit to teach. They taught me the practical stuff, like the best way to set up camp, how to tend to fire and how to care for the land you lay on. The teachings that followed were the kind that only nature her self can give.

I learnt how to be still, how to be alone, how to notice the smallest of details. I learnt how to share more of myself, and love deeper than I thought was possible. Nature has within it, a rich wealth of knowledge, its knows better than I do what I need. It communicates in ways our cells understand and is constantly and inexhaustibly working for our survival and our highest good. It’s now been a little bit since I’ve fully immersed but a practice that I’ve come back to is simple, every day, I ground my bare feet into the earth. Some days that might be in the middle of the city on a grassy patch, or burying my feet in the sand and washing them off in salty cool waters.

I have been so caught up in being “busy” that I let this go, but now I’m back, and I can’t praise the immediate benefits of this! A quick, natural and radical shift in my mental, emotional and physical health from just 5 minutes of earthling. It blows my mind.

With love,

Emily x

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