L E T T E R from Emily – Win The Race – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Emily – Win The Race

This is a little note to remind us to slow down and make room for the simplicity in life. I can certainly be one to over complicate, read into and super analyse just about everything and anything. In the past, I’ve spoken about our ability to reprogram our subconscious beliefs in order to move through the fears and internal obstacles that hold us back and although this is a practice that I engage with daily, I’ve also noticed that this too can become another thing to obsess over.

The path of self-discovery and personal evolution can sometimes slip into this place of scarcity, feeling of lacking something and becoming a very “serious” pursuit. We can even layer in more stress and tension, the more we search for answers. Even though uncovering aspects of ourselves we’ve hidden for so long can be challenging to confront, and I do believe there is an element of grit that we make our way through to come out that much lighter, we also need to breath, sink into a deep acceptance of the way things ARE instead of how we think things SHOULD be. This weekend, try and find a moment to slow down, have fun and let go of all the should’s and shouldn’ts.

With love,

Emily x

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