L E T T E R from Jac – A Giant Update – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – A Giant Update

Morning everyone!

As a new chapter opens for The Broad Place I wanted to take the time to put the important things into one cohesive note for you! Our mission to provide education for people to enhance their lives and be aligned with their highest grade selves is becoming ever more solid. To live with more creativity, more clarity and consciousness is an experience we hope to be available to everyone. I love this quote by Alan Watts because we aim to help you be inspired and motivated, AND we recognise that ultimately, in the end, it’s up to you to meditate, align with your values and your higher selves, and do the daily practices and work to be your most amazing self. We have practical courses to help you with that. We understand that within the sequence of our life, and this process we often fall flat on our faces, including us teachers, and that is part of the learning too. So we are also expanding into more support systems for you, to keep you on track and being compassionate with yourself. Everything we create is with the highest integrity and value, and as we expand our offerings to help you on this path, we want to connect with our community even more deeply. We’re excited for what we have created which will be outlined below!

I understand this is lengthy, however, I wanted you to have it as a resource to return to whenever you needed. Here are some of the more important things for you to note!


Integrated Meditation is a foundation of Vedic Meditation, a twice-daily transcending mantra practice. We call it Integrated Meditation as our speciality is integrating this ancient technique into a dynamic modern life. We are teaching Integrated Meditation in person in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Los Angeles, New York and London, as well as adding New Zealand and Paris. Our teachers are myself, Jacqui Lewis, and and Jo Simpson, who are all aligned with The Broad Place philosophy of dynamic, creative and integrated teachings for modern living. We are always open to teaching in your city, if you can gather a group of students, email us for more information. To support our students we have a beautiful online education portal. In Sydney, we are hosting twice monthly meditation meetings, and in London, we will be introducing weekly meditation meetings. Every time we are in a city to teach we will host a meditation meeting for all students. Please don’t forget you can resit the course at any time after you have learnt with us! All details are found on our Calendar.

Additionally, we are building City Pages so you can just go to www.tbpglobal.wpengine.com/losangeles or /london or /brisbane to see what’s happening in your city! We also teach private courses one on one or within small groups on request.

We also have just launched our new secret Facebook Group for all our I.M. students, and we will be answering all your meditation practices and sharing ways to refine your practice. This page is only for students who have learnt with The Broad Place, please request and you will be approved shortly. This is the optimal way in which to stay in touch, and ask your teachers questions and connect with our growing community! Likewise, we now have a Facebook page where we will posting various things, and this is open to everyone.

For those of you in Sydney, we have an upcoming Gathering, the last with Jacqui for 2019 in Sydney and an Advanced Mantra Workshop with Jacqui both in March. For those of you in London, Jacqui will kick off teaching in London in May and classes are already filling up fast and places within each course are limited due to space.


This is for the person that wants to learn meditation and wisdom and techniques from the comfort of their home. Utterly mobile, and a choose your own adventure, you can pick a different module or meditation as you wish. Enhance is online Meditation and Education, our signature journey to enhance your creativity, clarity and consciousness through guided meditations, education and tools available for anyone around the world. A huge resource for meditation and education, Enhance is for new meditators or experienced.


This is your annual program to figure out who you are in the world and what you do about it. Perfect for any individual, entrepreneur or person wanting to elevate themselves and the year ahead. Yes, the name is similar to Enhance! But very different in content, Elevate is a program for 2019 comprising of four workshops, with worksheets, practical tools and with monthly Q+A and ongoing support and our incredible value for the Early Bird special rate expires 10th March so do join us now!


We have free content and shorter programs within The Classroom that are 24/7 accessible alongside all of the above programs.


Our final Retreat for Australia of 2019 is our upcoming Byron Bay Retreat and we only have a few rooms left!


We have so many requests for Private Mentoring. Jacqui and Jo are both available for meditation mentoring online or in Sydney. Jacqui has a very limited amount of places available each month in which she mentors on transition and change, and creative and conscious living. Please contact our team info@thebroadplace.com.au to secure times for Private Mentoring.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey with us, we are so grateful to have you a part of it all.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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