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L E T T E R from Jac – A Honeyed Reinstating Of Ones Soul

Being a big fan of Nick Cave and his immensely creative processes, as well as his raw vulnerability and sharing of his life experiences, I was wrapt when a friend of ours Danny, sent me a link to his Red Hand Files Letter, and to discover Nick meditates in the same lineage as we do, and that we teach from.

Nick says, “Unlike some meditation techniques that focus on a life lived entirely within the present moment, Transcendental Meditation seems to radiate backwards and forwards in time, evoking our common humanity and our deep connection to the earth’s inheritance, as it layers us in meaning. It may not hold back the end of the world, but it reduces the element of fear, allowing us to administer to the world more effectively. TM also implements a kind of mysterious reinstating of the soul, a honeying of life, a merciful acceptance of suffering, and reminds us of the incredible privilege it is to be alive.

A honeying of life. An evocation of our common humanity and a mysterious reinstating of the soul.

That’s why we get in the chair to meditate every single day, ideally twice a day. In the beginning, our Integrated Meditation students always focus on the practical stress reduction, sleep-enhancing elements. But over time they realise it’s really soul work that they are doing, and the stress and fatigue were simply blockers to that connection.

You can read the whole divine Letter HERE from Mr. Cave. And if you wish to learn more about this meditation technique, see HERE.

Written with a full heart,

Jac x

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