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L E T T E R from Jac – ACCEPTANCE Intention Setting For The Week Ahead

Someone sent me a link to a very high profile guy on Instagram, who was literally SCREAMING at millions of followers that they must force, grind to make it happen, to work until they break. It was utter fear-mongering, ego appealing to ego. He spoke of how ‘right now someone is working harder than you’ and ‘right now’ someone is making it and you’re not. That success sat right around the corner but you just weren’t working hard enough.

Well I say, screw that! We are not machines. We are uniquely nuanced humans, with cycles and ebbs and flows. Life circumstances, all the people around us, the moon and the planets, the weather, ALL OF IT is affecting us.

So yes, I think we need to get out of our comfort zones. And yes, I think that we need discipline. But to throw all the other parts of us out the window, and to only be driven from a fear of someone else making it before us and to have to work until we break? No way!

So this week’s Journal prompts;

  • Where in my life am I being consciously or subconsciously driven by a fear mentality?
  • Where is comparison robbing me of joy and stability?
  • What am I currently refusing to accept?
  • Where is discipline to work required right now? Where is the disciple to rest required?
  • How can I embrace acceptance as a path in what areas of my life right now?

Written with love,

Jac x

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