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L E T T E R from Jac – All Hail The Fail

I’m not quite sure what happens in life that mistakes become a bad thing. When we are little, mistakes are adorable. We still talk about how our daughter, for years when little, called bikini’s ‘zucchini’s’ and proudly announce she was putting her zucchini on for a swim (courgette’s for those of you that are thinking what the heck??).

We give ourselves such a wide berth for error when younger, as we inherently know that’s the path to learning. Learning is the path to growth. Growth is the path to wisdom.

Then we seem to freak out, and making a mistake is suddenly not okay. We have to retrain ourselves to re-address this. To lighten up with error. To embrace failure. I know that I would never employ someone that said they never fail (cause they must also be a pathological lair too), I just want someone who can own all their mistakes. But I still have to check myself that I am not getting too worked up about my own mistakes. Trying to stop yourself from making mistakes is the death of creativity.

What if we treated everything like a draft, a trial run. Everything in pencil, nothing engraved in stone. In truth that is life already. We just need to start acting in alignment with it.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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