L E T T E R from Jac – All The Dreams – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – All The Dreams

There is a Jewish story, that is also told in many traditions with varying tones. The essence of it is that a poor tailor from the shtetl has a dream that there is a treasure buried beneath a bridge leading to a huge castle. The poor tailor packs a bag and set off to the capital city. Upon approaching the bridge he recognises it from his dream, but there is a guard standing there blocking it. For many hours the tailor stands there pondering what to do. Finally he gets his courage up and approaches the guard and tells him of his dream. The guard laughs out loud and says ‘you utterly foolish idiot believing all your dream fantasies. See I too have had a dream that under the stove of a poor Jewish tailor lay a treasure. And you silly man travel all this way based on a dream and waste all this time. I know the difference you see, and you should learn too’. The tailor promptly picked up his bag, returned home, dug up under his stove and found the treasure, and lived the rest of his life a very wealthy man.

What dreams of yours will you now believe – as the whole world has shifted in order to get you to understand that it was all a dream? 

What treasures do you have ‘under your sink’ also that you thought you had to travel to find, that were with you all along? 

Written with love,
Jac x

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