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L E T T E R from Jac – All The Parts Of Us

In December, we all get pretty full up in our Calendars. The other day I was trying to find time to lounge around with one of my London besties and watched Fleabag with them as they haven’t seen it (the horror of this is clearly unbearable) and couldn’t find a single long afternoon or evening to do so and got slightly panicky with all my commitments. School this, bank meeting that, deadline there and here and there, Christmas drinks over and over, launch parties. Know that I am not throwing a pity party at all! And I know you know this feeling too…

And within all of this, there are parts of us that want to go to that party, and parts of us that don’t. Parts of us that want to go to yoga, and parts that don’t. Parts of us that know we need to meditate, and parts that rebel against it. Soooo many parts. It’s why making decisions is so tricky. The easiest way I have found to navigate this is to ask, ‘right now, in this moment, which part of me will I honour?’. It’s like a parting of the clouds and suddenly the sun shines bright on your answer.

Written with love,

Jac x

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