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L E T T E R from Jac – Are you Ready to Shift your Energy Throughout January?

In 10 days time with hundreds of people from all over the world, we launch into the January 2020 High Vibe Challenge. The energy that is created when a collective of people commit to raising their vibration and aligning with their high selves is powerful and palpable and I know personally, I am thirsting for it. With Brexit happening in the country I now live in, and my home country of Australia on fire and the apathy of that government, it’s easy to get caught in a negative fear spiral. I am more determined than ever to raise my consciousness and get clear on making a positive impact on my own life so that I can have more resilience and inspiration while I continue to try help others and live the most authentic life I can. And I invite you to join us!

This Challenge has some similarities to the other Challenges we have created, the foundations we know work things to Pause, and things to Commit to collectively as well as a customisable challenge, and it also has much more. Amazing contributors with video tutorials (and special offers from them too!) and tools and techniques and insights to expand your thinking and way of being. There is a structured Mini Retreat for you to complete an evening or weekend and I have recorded all the modules as videos for the main Challenge, and there is a bumper e-book Manual and Daily Worksheets for accountability, a potent guided meditation, and journal experience, as well as the Private Facebook Group for everyone on the January Challenge! Oh and I share a special Taoist technique to raise your vibration daily each morning! It’s absolutely HUGE and the focus is on understanding yourself on a deeper level, your triggers, your mindset and how to learn and move forward in life with more grace, as well as being in a higher, clearer energy vibration so you can be a beacon of light to those around you.

One of my fav astrologers Emmalea Russo has also contributed a beautiful astrological map for January, there are some BIG things happening with the planets that are helpful in understanding in navigating when to move and when to surrender.

The link is HERE for Australia and HERE for everyone else all over the world.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this with you so soon!

Jac x

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