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L E T T E R from Jac – Being Sunshine

One joyful thing about penning the Letters is receiving correspondence from readers. One response last week was, that a reader had picked up a new book to read, with all the new time found from embracing the discipline of making better Micro Decisions (you can read the Letter about this HERE. Within this book by Kate Morton called The Clockmakers Daughter, there is a character that was the embodiment of sunshine in a human, and our reader wanted to share this idea with me. What a simply gorgeous description of embracing warmth and positivity. I had an instant vision of a sunlight human, radiating from the inside out. It’s a concept I want to aspire more to, being a sunshine-filled human.

What’s challenging is when our emotional storms roll in. Coronavirus is taking it’s toll on so many we all know, and every day I connect with an Integrated Meditation student who is struggling in Melbourne, or Berlin, Singapore or India and further abroad due to the emotional, physical and financial ramifications of the pandemic. I receive emails from people who haven’t had a hug in over 6 months, or are stuck remotely without any connection to friends and family. Or are undergoing a quarantine in a hotel without fresh air and sun. Or are making their staff redundant over a zoom call. 

I am with you in this strange space we all find ourselves in, you’re not alone, and I am sending you the kind of deep hug that makes your ribs hurt a little, and even involuntarily puts a smile on your face. 

With love,

Jac x

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