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L E T T E R from Jac – BOOM and it’s 2020!!!

Welcome to 2020, what a freaking amazing day it is! Whatever happened until the very moment you read this, is behind you. Unchangeable, so let it go. What we want to place our attention and intention on is the present, with a direction for where we want to be going. This intention needs to be clear, a call to the universe on our commitment to collaborating with it at every moment, with love, kindness, and openness. We at The Broad Place, are thrilled at this year holding the intentions of THRIVE, FLOW, CREATE and SUPPORT.

How we are bringing that all into fruition is that we are launching in London a series of Day Retreats and Classes as well as our regular Integrated Meditation Courses. In Sydney and in satellite cities our Integrated Meditation courses continue with the truly inspiring Jo Simpson (whose brilliant weekly Letter you will be familiar with). And in late February and March, I am in Australia to host a Creativity ClassA Day Retreat Workshop: A Path To The Heart and our Byron Day Retreat and full 4-day Residential Retreat with Jo by my side, as well as some corporate workplace workshops. We return to Australia in August as we launch our book with Thames and Hudson; ‘High-Grade Living‘, a beautiful tome of knowledge and instruction with photography and design all created by Arran and I – a culmination of 3 years work! And we continue to grow our online offering of education with The Classroom. The High Vibe Challenge starts January 15th, and we will be launching our subscription model for all our online offerings and letters in the first quarter of the year, as well as publishing some small creative outputs in book format. We are working with amazing companies and brands on some projects that will launch throughout 2020 in the UK and Europe and I am also working intensely on a new project that will launch in the first third of the year also, with interactive experiences and education that I am beside myself with excitement about and can’t wait to share it with you soon!! My heart is so full, my mind buzzing alive with the creative process and my body singing with joy right now, even as I write this. 2019 nearly squashed me flat with its intensity, but I feel like a wide-winged griffin that has risen from the ashes and is now soaring.

For me personally, I am studying more deeply this year, and placing more focus on integrating all that I learn every day, and sharing that as I go with you. My commitment to always move from love grows, and all that is not in alignment with love letting fall away gently, is no small undertaking. This year I turn 40. This year I am a soul first, a mother, partner, friend second, and a teacher, writer and philosopher third. However, I am so grateful that the work I do means that these are not harsh defined lines and are frequently swept gently aside in place of just being of service, whatever that looks like. I used to worry about not having everything I do more clearly defined, and Ram Dass said to me ‘Jacqui, be careful you don’t wear your roles so tightly you start to believe them to be true, don’t take them seriously, have fun’, and I have truly taken that to heart.

I hope today on this first day of 2020 you are inspired, I hope you are magnificent and glorious as the human being you were born to be.

I love you,

Jac x

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