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L E T T E R from Jac – Boosting For Needed Times and Travel

I try to eat well, exercise, and meditate and do all the high-grade living things I can to keep myself optimised. And then there are times when I travel, and teach intensely and I need to REALLY give myself a boost, like with my upcoming trip to Australia.

So I thought I would share a list of things that I do to keep myself at my most optimal, highest grade self. I find travel for work can be stressful, you’re all over the place yet also supposed to be game on, without your normal environment to do that within. I start a more intense self-care program about two weeks out and keep it up the entire trip.

Firstly, I boost my vitamins and immunity with:

• lypospheric vitamin C (google it as there are lots of brands not always available everywhere in the world)

• chlorella which tastes like matcha and I now love, I use the Sun brand from the UK

• armaforce

Secondly, I eat really nutrient-dense foods, including sardines and mackerel (also helps with radiation reduction from the plane), seaweeds, wild blueberries, goji berries, turmeric, lots of lentils (made into deals for vegetarian protein) and chickpeas (I am hummus obsessed), and I drink lots of water.

Thirdly, I am really careful with the type of exercise I do, and favour yoga, walking and swimming as I don’t want additional cortisol from hardcore cardio or weights plunging into my system.

Lastly, I become adept and comfortable with saying no. There’s only so much each of us can do in 24 hours. Before a big trip, it doesn’t rain – it hails. There is only so much that can get done though, and so plan accordingly, not like your sub-human.

Written with love,

Jac x

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