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L E T T E R from Jac – Bringing A Little Love To It

An important question I ask myself when I am feeling very contracted is how can I bring more love to this. It might be that I am frustrated at the airport and a security person is going through my every single item and it’s taking a long time and I know I am going to miss my opportunity to have a fresh meal before boarding. This kind of thing can drive me into insanity. So I ask how can I bring more love into this moment. I start to relax my shoulders and open my chest, so my heart is physically opening. I begin to wonder what love looks like for this person in their life. I try to find something I can admire in them, even if it’s their determination and passion to look at every, single, freaking thing I packed.

Sometimes it’s when I am lined up waiting for something. Someone will pretend they don’t understand the system and try to push in. Play the card that they are more flustered and important. I ask can I open my heart to this person, instead of imagining what it would be like to push them to the ground, which is what I can feel like doing on a particularly trying day! Can I direct my mind from senseless fantasies of ‘I should say this and do that’ to feeling into their energy and wondering what has gotten them into this state? Sometimes it’s even simple storytelling in my head to keep myself occupied about their life, it’s complexities. I heard on an interview with sleep specialist Matthew Walker that most people in America when asked have you got someone important in your life that understands you, replied no. Loneliness is a reality for the majority. How can I open my heart to that?

You might find this a waste of time, and decide people are jerks and so be it. Or you might open your heart a little more to love, and see in every moment how you can bring more love to them. I have found that my days have an insane amount of opportunities for me to bring love to them, and rather than be tested and frustrated a lot, I can instead open my heart to life.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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