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L E T T E R from Jac – Changing Teams

I was to travel to Japan as my little treat post my Australian tour. I was going to Kyoto myself to study and then onto Tokyo with friends, and I was having trouble breathing I was that excited about it!! I landed in Sydney, and Coronavirus escalated. I found it hard to navigate what to believe, and there are a lot of opinions and a lot of varying and opposing thoughts about what to do as a traveller. I could feel myself getting more and more confused. Being stuck in Japan is actually my idea of heaven, and the chances of getting Coronavirus are seriously slim, but I do need to be back in the UK to process our next Visa. It was a moment I needed to stop and reflect. What is the most important to me right now? Ryokans, temples, and studying tea my heart was aching for. Yet dealing with the UK home office is a nightmare in all honesty and not missing deadlines due to potential quarantine is THE priority. But who’s to know how the cards on it all will fall?

In my pausing I asked this; which option will make me feel more grounded and centred. The answer to that was to mitigate risk and return home. When we caught in the hysteria, it’s important to realise there is no right and no wrong, just what’s right by us, personally. Within the pause, we can work out with clarity, how to honour ourselves and not the majority.

Written with love,

Jac x

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