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L E T T E R from Jac – Creativity Is A Process

You may not be able today, to form wet clay as it dries between your hands. Or apply oily, lazy paint to a canvas. Or frame up a photo with natural light seeping in from the side of a frame. Today, you may not be able to hold a stick of crumbling charcoal in your hands as you apply it to thick paper.

You can though use words interesting and intriguing to you in an email. You can delight in how you place your food on a plate, arranging it just so. You can enjoy the way the barista has formed the milk and coffee in your cup. Or simply admire the forms of the steam from your tea make in the air above the cup. The cup might be ugly and simple, the steam, however, is not. You can marvel at how nature created an orange, so beautiful against the green of a tree, with its own protective packaging so we can enjoy its flesh or its juice.

You can take pause to see how a colleague has put together their outfit today. You can choose to comment, or not. You can suddenly become open to the fact, that someone, somewhere, designed the chair you are sitting on. That many thoughts, ideas, discussions, trails, errors, and processes were involved. Not just from the ergonomics of the chair, but taking into account a myriad of manufacturing processes to bring you to what you sit on here and now reading this.

Creativity is an in and out process. An appreciation of it coming in, and an output. It’s not one way, because when we engage with it, we are part of it. It is one thing. Creativity is oneness.

How will you let creativity fill today for you?

Sent with love,

Jac x

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