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L E T T E R from Jac – Dissolving Ego Structures

Ram Dass here points out something students talk about so often with me, “We have built a whole ego structure about who we are and how we function in the world that’s based on the emotion-laden models about individual differences that we’ve been taught to think define us. But now we’re experiencing realms of the universe and perceptions of ourselves and others that are totally inconsistent with those old ways of thinking. How do we bring the two together? How do we understand what’s going on? How do we respond?”

When you begin practising Integrated Meditation, chunks of you that are not you fall away, and you begin to connect to your heart and tap into the truth of who you are. You also over time may begin to realise you don’t need to always identify with your thinking. Actually, very little at all. And this can be incredibly disconcerting. I mean we have all invested a TONNE of time and energy building up the idea we have of ourselves, and everyone we know, and so when we, or the people we love begin to evolve, it can create a lot of confusion. Sometimes resentment. Sometimes fear. We tend to keep everyone we know locked within the paradigm we have created for them, as if they were exactly the same as yesterday. And we especially do it towards ourselves.

The key is to acknowledge that every morning, we wake up a different person on a cellular and conscious level. Each time we sit to meditate, we open our eyes, and our mind and body have shifted. What if we began to treat this as something sacred, and stay open and curious as to what this might present, rather than falling into the patterns of the mind that we are already overtly and boringly familiar with…

Written with love,

Jac x

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