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L E T T E R from Jac – Do You Really Want To Transform?

Most of us don’t want to change, really. What we do want is sort of modifications on the original model. We keep on being ourselves, but hopefully better versions of ourselves. But what happens when an event occurs that is so catastrophic that you just change? You change from the known person to an unknown person. So that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you recognise the person that you were, but the person inside the skin is a different person.” Nick Cave

I meet so many students whom something catastrophic has occurred that shifted them into a transformation that was long-lasting. For others, it’s simply a desire to shift. However we go about it, we have to let go of the idea of what ‘our person‘ is. For we are creating that ideal still from the ego, a projection of that which we already know. When we let all of that fall away, then the true transformation in its most sincere form can take place. That’s where the catastrophe comes into play, there was no time to ponder what the future self might look like, from the mind that is in the current situation.

We have created a beautiful program called: Closing A Decade; Inviting Another that I would love to invite you to join. It’s remarkable to think we are not just inviting in a new year, but an entirely new decade that lies ahead of us. This program is a journey into forgiveness, reconciliation, and letting go, as much as it is moving into the present to pave the way for the future. Too often we forward project so much, that we fail to reconcile our past, and also fail to recognise that within us is the makings of our future. This is a program of harvest, of working with who you are, and not the futile creation of someone entirely new. This is about setting intentions, not resolutions and working with what brought us to this moment as the knowledge we need to step forward. I know you’ll love it. You can read more about what it entails here, there is philosophy, tools, a guided meditation, and exercises.

Written with love,

Jac x

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