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L E T T E R from Jac – Doing Good

Is it really as easy as doing good to be happy? I believe it is. I feel that too often we make life all too complicated. With so many ambitions, so much guilt, we are riddled with overthinking and paranoia that as we are, we are simply not enough. We are also stuck smack bang in the middle of the age of ME. People documenting their every move, with their face and fashion the centre of attention, the age of the Selfie. We are constantly striving to better our bodies, our minds, and our souls through striving for something more. I think bettering ourselves is a brilliant idea, but with intention, gently and a considered approach. But a frenzy of self-improvement, brain-enhancing this, blitzed drink that, exercising manically and ploughing through every podcast and book we can, I don’t think helpful.

In the end, we are all hoping for joy. We can all connect on that, every human seeks it, wants it, even searching for it in different ways. And this is where it is to be found, in connecting and helping others. What if every day we asked not how can I be happy, but how can I help? Not what can you give me, but what can I give you? Doing good, is simply that most graceful path to feeling joy.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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