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L E T T E R from Jac – Don’t Chase Experiences

I am often teaching students, don’t sweat your actual seated meditation, do it, and see the results in your daily lives. Too often new students can become obsessed with having a mystical experience. With having some kind of blissful, transcendental, lofty experience each and every sitting. It won’t happen like that. For the modern body and mind that are not in monastic retreat are being plundered by the ways of the world. So we sit for each Integrated Meditation setting not to chase particular experiences but to waken up to ourselves in our daily lives. We release the stress, tension and fatigue that holds us back, and we allow the mind to dive into those deeper states periodically so we can be more alert, creative, and dynamic in our lives.

Chasing any kind of meditation experience as a hedonistic pursuit defies the purpose of meditation. Sometimes in truth a sitting can be really frustrating, or really boring. We sit anyway. For the accumulative effect of our practice that leads us into greater harmony, love and awe in daily life. The 20 minutes we sit is not the goal. Sitting 20 minutes twice daily is 3% of each day and we do it for the impact it has on the other 97%.

If you wish to come and learn, Jo and I have courses in Sydney coming up, and I’m teaching live online once a month for people everywhere in the world.

With love,

Jac x

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