L E T T E R from Jac – Embracing The Gaps – The Broad Place

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L E T T E R from Jac – Embracing The Gaps

I woke up yesterday, and for a brief moment, forgot all that had been happening. I stretched, I listened to a bird. I reached out to put my hand on Arran’s chest, whilst he still slept. And then it hit me, all of it. The big unknown that lies head, to fight for life around the world. In that sweet moment of forget though I was reminded that if I am not thinking about it, there’s space in a moment. It was just like what a transcending meditation gifts, fleeting moments of connection and peace. Gaps between all the thoughts. It recalibrate the whole nervous system and mind and connects us back to ourselves again. Every sit is a reset. For all of our students, now is the time to be utterly committed to our practice. There’s no more rushing to pick kids up, all the errands, the commute to work. It’s in fact the rarest of opportunities. Sure its not like there’s nothing to do but meditate, but we can absolutely fit it in now. Additionally for our all students there is Rounding, the beautiful grounding sequence that is available for you via video and print outs in the Integrated Meditation Vault. So commit, ground yourself, connect to your hearts. If you’re ready for your Advanced Mantra, reach out to me, so many have, as they are ready to deepen their individual practice, and with this we also gift you our Rounding Tuition. Additionally, if you want to join one of our online Refresh Sessions, I would LOVE to have you a part of them, and our online Group Meditation Meetings.

For those of you that haven’t learned a mantra based transcending technique, you have a short window in which to learn online with me. We prefer in person teaching for this technique, and to my knowledge it has never been taught online. However we are being inundated with requests to learn online from people so isolated right now. I am committed to teaching, over aligning to the tradition of in person in as global pandemic. No one saw this coming, if we had, I think everyone might have learnt meditation before hand! The Online Integrated Meditation Course will involve a one on one session live online, with a ceremony and we can fill you in on how it will work. Then the group sessions in small groups live online. After you have learnt we recommend once the pandemic ends, coming and re-sitting with us in person, which is available to you for free for life, and ongoing. You can find out more HERE

Sent with love, and keep safe, and may our actions serve the whole and not the individual.

Jac x

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