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L E T T E R from Jac – Energetic Boundaries

Energetic boundaries are fascinating, not just on social media, but also within workplaces, and families. With the work I do setting boundaries is incredibly important, and also I am an empath and lean and topple over into areas I shouldn’t, very easily. When it comes to social media, I find this a tricky place in which to roam. I am sensitive by nature, and social media I find upsetting and disruptive at times, especially when I receive strange DM’s criticising how I look physically, how I sound, what I am saying or similar. It can be hard not to takeout  personally when it’s very personally directed at oneself. So I have a social media system in place and it includes these things:

– understanding that social media is a crazy place in which to be, so part of the contract is dealing with that level of crazy. There’s a tonne of positives that outweigh the negatives and I focus on those

– not following anyone on Instagram that I find stirs up too many negative emotions in me, especially feelings of exasperation or frustration. I try keep my feed fun and full of inspiration. I also check my feed less and less these days too to be honest

– being careful with how much time I invest in my DM’s and comments. If someone writes something horrible, I sit a moment, close my eyes, understand that that person might not be in a good place – because it’s never anyone I know, just a random stranger – and energetically just move on. I find if I invest too much time in wondering why they said it or get unusually annoyed with it, then it weakens my energy and smashes down the boundaries for future dealings! I see boundaries like muscles, they need to be employed and worked to be of use.

– I am not on Facebook, I truly dislike it as a medium, and so this cuts out a lot of noise and nonsense

– I also don’t check social media unless I am sitting still and with intention checking it. If I am constantly flicking through it, my energy fields are being constantly disrupted by it.

– a lot of our posts I put through Planoly, like this very post, so I can write them with care and not be on instagram itself when posting it (cuts out a lot of distraction and energy wasted for me!)

Personally I also have a practice in the morning that involves setting an intention to keep my heart open and uphold my energetic boundaries. After I do my Integrated Meditation practice, I invite the universe to use me as it can, but also help keep me in flow and aligned to love. I ask for all energy fields to be cleaned of negativity and that all positive forces in the universe support me throughout the day. Try it and see how you go.

I’ve been getting lots of emailed questions from students and I put a call out on Instagram for questions recently and wanted to answer some of them here, as they are excellent questions! Don’t hesitate to hit me up with a question too.

With love,

Jac x

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