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L E T T E R from Jac – Everything Is The Path

There’s something very plain, very simple that I adore about Zen, being that nothing is special AND everything is special. That nothing in our lives should be deemed ‘spiritual’ when everything is. So it’s not just when we go to yoga, or church, or our temple. Or light our incense and read inspiring books. It’s the nurturing of every single moment, with the full application of ourselves to every task. It’s making every moment holy. It’s understanding that there are no ‘good tasks’ and ‘bad tasks’. That nothing should be resented and everything in our lives is the path.

Brushing one’s teeth. Cleaning the house. Putting away the dishes. Washing the towels. Answering the emails. Doing the school pick up. All opportunities to experience life to the fullest, perhaps even to become enlightened.

What if we opened ourselves up to every moment is being a true gift, and the only thing that is, and we gave ourselves fully to it. And to the next moment, then the next moment. This would mean quietening all the thoughts about the past and present. It would result in an expansion into the present.

Pick one task a day to begin with and see what being completely and utterly there feels like.

Sent with love,

Jac x

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